Monday, January 18, 2016

A new dimension in agricultural development in Orissa – Emu farming

Orissa has always been a state known for its agricultural sector and 60% of the population of Orissa is employed in agriculture. Eager for some change in their occupation, the people of the Gajapati district in Orissa have started the farming of the Emu bird. Emu farming, which is popularly also known as ‘golden farming’, has become popular in many countries around the world, and now also in India.

Business news today about Emu farming

The biggest advantage of Emu farming is that the bird is resistant to a lot of diseases compared to other birds. The oil which is produced by the Emu bird has medicinal properties and is cholesterol-free. It is used as an important ingredient in a lot of cosmetic and health care products. The meat of the bird is also quite healthy with very low amounts of cholesterol and fat. The maintenance of an Emu bird is easy and is not very labor-intensive. All in all, it turns out to be very profitable for the person who ventures into this field. Get more Emu farming top business news from the Odisha Samaya.

Odisha news today about Emu farming

Although Emu farming is a relatively new concept, there is one Emu farm in Orissa that is worthy of mention, and that is the Shibani Emu bird farm. The Shibani Emu farm was established in the year 2012 and it began with just 50 Emu birds. Today, it has a teeming business and earns a lot of profits from this business. This farm is involved in the export, supply, and processing of a number of Emu products such as Emu eggs, Emu hair oil, Emu leather, and Emu meat. You can get more Emu farming Odisha news live from the Odisha Samaya.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The earthquake is really taking a toll as reported by the India News

There was all together four earthquakes which shook Nepal over. These seismic activities cover the northern and eastern India. Some of the districts are highly affected by the Tuesday’s magnitude which turned out to be upsetting. The structure and planning in Nepal is extremely low and keeps in record the distressing conditions which brought about the historic changes.

India news section of the Odisha Samaya is always updated with the recent news under the Earthquake aspect. The sightseeing segment is heavily affected by this devastation. The industry is suffering from lack of tourists as all the best places are worst affected. Even some of the best known monuments are wrecked down. Some of them are under the wreckage and thorny to recognize. The accommodation standard is quite low in Nepal in terms of India.

Indian states like Kolkata, Bihar, Orissa and other neighboring states are economically, socially, geographically and sociologically affected by this changing season. In India, Delhi felt the tremor and the offices were evacuated completely. In Kolkata, the tremors threw a tizzy sensation around the offices, houses, apartments and malls. People came over the road out of fear and anxiety. India news section of Odisha Samaya is covering all the latest news 24X7.

According to the business news section Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has actually told the authorities to be alert for further devastations and tremors. The people of Uttar Pradesh have also suffered from these massive tremors. Business news of Odisha Samaya is covering all the latest news of relief operations and rescue missions to Nepal. Readers are suggested to follow the latest updates Live from Nepal. An Air Force M-17 is going to position in Kathmandu. It was sent to gain access to the damages which people are suffering from the tremors.

The well known five star hotels in Nepal are shutting down with time; the tremors have given them a reality check and to avoid the risk, they are shutting it down for atleast a fortnight. These shallow quakes are much deadly than usual, as they create tremors over a much smaller area.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mother Dairy outruns Maggi in the race of contamination

It is just not the junk food; even the necessary commodities are on the track of getting contaminated with detergent products. The Mother Dairy has broken the track record of being contaminated with detergent as well as other harmful elements. According to the Orissa news service, the chief of FDA department has reported the fact that the Mother Dairy is found with the percentage of detergent along with urea and oil. The two samples of milk which has been used for the experimentation procedure hails from Bal Tehsil and it is 70 kms from the Agra city. Bal Tehsil has loads of the mother dairy centers.

Odisha news is covering the updated new report of Mother Dairy. The samples were even sent to the Lucknow and the Kolkata laboratories where it is found malfunctioning. The Kolkata laboratory has even found the sample to be contaminated with the required detergent and other types of unknown contaminations. The Mother Dairy found the samples to be substandard and the pouches completely filled with the contaminated detergent. The samples are collected from the village level and the mother dairy company is quite in a state of shock.

According to Orissa news, the Mother Dairy company goes through a four level of thorough testing. They are claiming that such a rate of contamination is not possible. The testing course of action engages in testing at input, processing as well as dispatches at the market level. The Mother Dairy company is passing through 23 rigorous quality tests and through these flexible tests; any contamination is bound to be found out. The deviations are bound to be caught in defined parameters. But, according to the UP Food and Drug Administration the fact is something odd.

The Mother dairy is definitely under the infrared ray scrutiny level; they are claiming to be cent percent responsible and disciplined. According to top Odisha news, the officials of Mother Dairy have worked on the samples and pouches and are completely flabbergasted for such results. They are claiming that Mother Dairy maintains the protocols and other factors which determine the quality of these pouches and packets of milk.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The last rites of the ex-president: Oriya News

On Monday, 27th July, 2015; the greatest Indian scientist and Nuclear Physicist APJ Abdul Kalam passed away out of cardiac arrest. Odisha news mourns on his death; no doubt it’s a national loss as the admired, inspired and respectable scientist passes away on Monday. He is said to be the modern Albert Einstein, who did a very eminent contribution to the world. This man loved and cherished self-discipline, dedication and devotion.

Orissa news records the fact that he was a very cordial, humble ad completely down to the earth person. He was completely a wise person in contrast and concession of his status and education level. His empathetic appeal is the something which is endeared by all the people of the Indian sub-continent. Sibaji Raha, the director of Bose Institute and internationally acclaimed persona recalled the fact, that it was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s humble persona and self-disciplined attitude is his benchmark for practicing scientists.

Kalam was committed to his profession and gave 100% to his profession as well as education. It is being declared October 15th the Student’s Day, as the birthday day of APJ Abdul Kalam. It’s his teaching; his principles, his thoughts and his mind which is a symbol of hope and the guiding light to all the aspiring scientists. Odisha news salutes his life, his ideas, his focus and his way of leading the life.

The former president died while giving lecture in the IIM Shillong. The cricketers are mourning over this missile man. This great personality died at the age of 83; he was delivering lecture to the IIM students when he became ill and was immediately taken to the Shillong hospital, but, unfortunately declared dead. The whole nation is sad and regrets the sudden loss of such an eminent personality. He is compared to Albert Einstein; Einstein use to reply to almost all the letters he used to receive. Orissa news is bringing the news of this great man forward.

The well known Human Development Resource minister (HRD) Smriti Irani paid homage to this great man. Odisha news is updating the recent news coverage of this great persona. It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, and two other service chief who were on the receiving end in Delhi of his mortal self.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

State is providing unique business opportunities: Oriya News

Oriya News is into perfect surveying of our present state of our country. India has always faced the trouble of being treated as a third world country; nowadays she is given the new promotion of being ‘developing’. Developing is a very uncountable factor which has its own importance and advantages.

India news today is counting the developing factors in India. It is a very influential newspaper and has actually listed the number of developing factors in our country. The modern business occasions in our country is very pioneering and covering both the necessary and luxury goods. The superior class big businessmen are actually making sure they can invest in best places.

The rate of new ventures has increased in this country. New opportunities are making its way in our country and reducing the unemployment. The employment rate is increasing just the way the awareness to good education is taking a toll.

Oriya News is actually reflecting the present status of our country. Ours is an agricultural nation and we can feed around a million people just by the food harvested. India is completely an agricultural based country which works wonder for all the people who are absolutely based on this occupation. This occupation has its own well and bad things. The present conditions of technological advancement, in the country, are the reason behind such a good level of export and import food products in this country.

India is the greatest producer of pulses, cereals and jute. Oriya news has surveyed that half of the country is based on milk and Milk products. The present status says that more than 89% people of India are surviving on cow milk. India News Today is giving the big time by covering the news of India. Indian products like jute, cereals and pulses are the primary products and feeds loads of mouths all over the country. Orisha Samaya covers all the news on a broader pattern; to know follow the website.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ICICI Starts services on Twitter and Railway Plans before Nabakalebar Festival

If you are looking to find some of the best Indian or Odisha news today, then we are the right stop for your news thirst. Here below are two best India news today and Odisha news today.

India news Today:

Lets check out what India news today reveals; ICICI bank has announced the launch of banking services, called icicibankpay, on Twitter. The service will facilitate transfer of money by customers to anyone within the country having a twitter account, and will also allow a customer to check his account balance, view last three transactions, and recharge prepaid mobile in a secure manner.

“With growing prominence of social media in everyday life, it is believed that customers would be delighted to have yet another avenue which allows them to bank, while they are on social media. At present, ‘icicibankpay’ will help customers to execute banking transactions while they are socializing on Twitter.” The customer can send money to anyone in India even if the recipient does not have an ICICI Bank savings account.
ICICI Bank claimed it is the first in Asia and only second in the world to offer a Twitter based transfer service. A year ago, it launched facility to transfer funds through the Facebook and has now thirty thousand active Facebook users.

Claiming that the bank serves the highest number of youth in the country and this service is launched in the view of the demographic. It has 2.8 million registered mobile banking users and 15 million internet banking users, and more than a team of hundred people are working on digital banking within the bank.

Odisha News Today:

Well, as per the Odisha news today is conernced, the Indian Railways has drawn up mega plans to improve the infrastructure facilities ahead of the Nabakalebar festival and Rath Yatra. With accommodation being a major hurdle for lakhs of pilgrims likely to throng the town during the festival, a shelter is being built with modern civic amenities near the railway station at a cost of 11 crore INR. About eight crore would be spent for construction of two new platforms and the existing one would be renovated. Bathing complexes are also being constructed for the event. Besides nearly 50 lakh INR would be spent to provide 24x7 power supply to the railway station complex and Rupees twenty eight lakh for installation of LED television sets in the station and platforms.

Efforts are also on to upgrade the Government Railway Police (GRP) outpost to a fully fledged police station, while the first aid center is being converted into a hospital. More ticket booking counters in the station and outside would be made operational soon. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The pride of Orissa

Although this category has loads of stuff that can be mentioned, one important thing worth mentioning about Orissa are its historical monuments. There are numerous such remnants which keep alive the culture and history of Orissa and some of these are Rajkanika Palace, Dhenkanal Palace, and Brundaban Palace. The Odisha Samaya provides the latest Oriya news live about these historical places. In this post, we will talk about two of the aforementioned palaces and their history and features.

The Rajkanika Palace in Orissa news

This palace has been constructed in 1909 and has been the pride of Orissa ever since. The main objective of building this palace was to create employment opportunities for people living at that time and this objective was successfully fulfilled. The amazing thing about this place was that this was conceptualized and its foundation was laid by a British architect and still it has become a symbol of the history and culture of Orissa. Also, the British expert has constructed the palace keeping in mind all those things that symbolize the Indian traditions and this palace is no different from other such palaces constructed by Indians. This palace also has a museum which often comes up in latest Orissa news for its rare pictures and antiques collection.

Oriya news about the Dhenkanal Palace

This is the only fort-palace in Orissa and it has survived numerous wars and attacks wrought on the state. In fact, the objective of building this palace was to be able to locate the enemies and analyze their movement during periods of unrest. This was built in the latter part of the 19th century and one can look at the entire city from the top of this palace. This palace too has a number of paintings and items such as swords which speak volumes about the time during which it was built. Today, the palace is used as a guest house; however, the essence and soul of the palace has not been lost and it still bears witness to the history of Orissa. Of special note is the royal library which holds a vast array of books from different parts of the world.